"And all along I believed, I would find you. Time has brought your heart to me, I have loved you for a thousand years. I'll love you for a thousand more."
- Christina Perri


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Weather you have dreamt about your wedding day since you were little or the idea of planning your wedding is recent, every couple has a vision for how they see their wedding day coming to life. The excitement of starting your life together as husband and wife is unmistakable and to do so with all of your family and loved ones by your side is the icing on the cake! Your wedding day at Glendalough Manor will begin upon your arrival to the manor with the lush backdrop of our exquisite gardens. A Glendalough repsresentative will greet you at the door and get you and your bridesmaids settled into your private bridal suite. It is here where you will enjoy light refreshments and a complimentary champagne toast while you and your bridal party gets ready. The facility director will work with your wedding coordinator to be sure you stay on the agreed timeline for the day. While you and your bridesamids take your pre-ceremony pictures throughout our breathtaking gardens, the facility director will escort the groomsmen to the groom's suite in preparation for their pictures. Within the thirty minutes leading up to your ceremony, Glendalough Manor will be awaiting the arrival of your guests while you enjoy some downtime in the bridal suite.

The air is crisp and the ceremony begins to echo through the gardens. Your guests begin to arrive and are escorted to the ceremony location in the center of the gardens. As they await for your big entrance, they will be able to take in the organic beauty that Glendalough naturally exudes. Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for...the bridal party begins to make their way down the aisle. Your flower girl carpets your path with fresh rose petals and the music slowly changes to your bridal entrance song. Your loved ones stand up and see you strolling down the aisle as the flowers and greenery sway in the background. You lock eyes with the love of your life and realize that this is the moment that you will confirm your committment to one another. Yes, there will be happy tears and inspirational vows! Finally, you are happily pronounced husband and wife! Your turn to face your smiling guests and head down the aisle into your new life together. Now it's time to start the party!